Security Shutters

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We have supplied security shutters to the trade and home owners for the past 20 years. All our products not only comply with all relevant UK and European legislation but have also received third party certification from a UKAS accredited test house. You have peace of mind knowing that we LEGALLY comply with current UK and European legislation.

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Our fitting teams are experienced and conscientious. We look after our customers from initial contact through to after the installation. We supply you the best quality shutters available. They are designed and built to last. They are tough and durable, yet have a very discreet compact appearance, sympathetic to the building. Each and every shutter is custom made to your requirement. All ranges feature uniquely small shutter boxes with chamfered fronts to minimise impact. They can be built on around internal and external reveals, sometimes within internal and external reveals.

Where vandalism as well as security is a problem, shutters are fitted externally. Where security only is the problem, shutters may be fitted internally or externally. Generally, fitting internally is arguably more dissuasive to thieves. Our wide range of shutters enables us to offer you differing levels of security depending upon circumstances and budget. Please read through our selection over the next few pages and feel free to contact us as and when required for further help.