Optional Extras

roller garage doors - optional extras 01

Vision Slats

Vision slats allow natural light into your garage. Available with or without glazing. On textured woodgrain doors vision slats will be supplied in a brown finish.

External Low Level Lockable Manual Override

If you do not have a separate service door to enter your garage, you will require access from the outside of your garage in the event of a power failure. If you were locked inside, it is easily convertible into an internal handle. We provide a crank handle which operates your door from the outside. The entry point is accessed via a key lock.

roller garage doors - optional extras 02

Half Box

If you do not have enough headroom on the inside of your garage to fully conceal the coil, you can opt for an aluminium fascia board, powder coated to match the colour of your garage door. This clever "L" shaped cover piece fits neatly around the external face of the coil, thus concealing any part of the coil that would otherwise be seen from the outside.

Fully Enclosed Box

Should you require the garage door coil to be enclosed (for example if the door is mounted externally), we can supply a fully enclosed, weather proof box in your choice of powder coated finish to match your door. For textured woodgrain doors, the box will be supplied in a white or brown finish.

Remote Control Keypad

Remote Control Keypad

If you require many different users to operate your door and you do not wish to supply each and everyone with a key fob, the remote control key pad provides you with a secure, alternative option for controlling your door. Mounted on the outside of your garage, this wireless controller is programmed with a security code of your choice which can be changed whenever you wish.