Optional Extras

remote control trasmitter

Remote Control Transmitter

Our door comes with two remote control transmitters, however we can provide Additional transmitters if required.

Remote Control Keypad

If you require many different users to operate your door and you do not wish to supply each and everyone with a key fob, the remote control key pad provides you with a secure, alternative option for controlling your door.

Mounted on the outside of your garage, this wireless controller is programmed with a security code of your choice which can be changed whenever you wish.

remote control keypad

Battery Backup

In the event of a power failure, this battery back up will allow you to continue operating your door automatically ( 10 operations in 24 Hours)

Steel Windows

Each steel window design is available in small / medium / large sizes

Square clear

Square Clear

Square frosted

Square Frosted

Round clear

Round Clear

Round frosted

Round frosted

PVC Windows