Heavy duty steel panels

Heavy Duty Steel Panels

Each 500mm or 600mm high panel is made from heavy duty steel, interlocking with no visible places to prise at. Each panel comes with 40mm foam filled insulation. The insulation also has a noise reduction value of RW 25db. Weather seals on all sides provide all-weather protection from wind and rain for additional energy efficiency.

The door is very sturdy and locks down with the automatic breaking action of the motor.

Remote Control

One remote control transmitter can operate up to four garage doors.

Our remote controls operate using 433.42 Megahertz frequency and are programmed with 16 million codes operating on rolling code technology (different code every time you operate your door).

remote control

Motor brake

Motor Brake

Automatic stop is activated within the motor if an obstacle is encountered. The motor exerts a counter-thrust in the event of any attempt to force the door to open.

Automatic Light

An automatic light comes on when the door is operated therefore enabling you to see into the garage when it is dark for peace of mind.

Automatic light

Weather seal

Weather Seal

Substantial seals reaching 30mm into the opening at the top, sides and bottom of the door protect against wind and rain and eliminate gaps.