Automatic light

Automatic Light

An automatic light comes on when the door is operated therefore enabling you to see into the garage when it is dark for peace of mind.

Motor Brake

Automatic stop is activated within the motor if an obstacle is encountered.

This product is fully compliant with BSEN13241-1 and CE Marked against Construction Product Regulations and also the Machinery Regulations, a mandatory requirement in the UK.

Motor brake

Fingersafe joint panel

Fingersafe Joint Panel

The nose of the panel has a factory fitted EPDM seal to provide intermediate air & water tightness between panel joints. This design makes the joint finger safe,ensuring that fingers cannot be caught or trapped between the panels.


Acclaim-We are a fully Acclaim health & safety accredited. Our sectional garage doors are fully compliant with all European regulations an product safety standards and are CE marked to demonstrate their compliance.

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Product Performance Standards

Our products strictly comply with all the latest product performance health & safety standards.